Substance Abuse BLOG

Organizations offering refuge and recovery programs have increased in the recent years. Their goals include providing shelter, clothing, livelihood training, and Biblical enlightenment to the homeless and underprivileged individuals. Many of these organizations are non-profit, faith-based institutions that depend largely on the donations extended by kind individuals, churches, and foundation grants. Their recovery programs are typically centered on the men who have lost a sense of direction due to life-controlling behaviors, addiction, and events.

The list below will give you a brief overview of some of the top non-profit groups that espouse rescue missions and Biblically-based structure rehabilitation programs. They are selected based on their financial stability, successful track record, and the number of years in the service.

Rescue Mission Alliance, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - President & CEO, Mr. Gary W. Gray

Founded in 1972, the Rescue Mission Alliance offers refuge, recovery, and restoration. Their recovery program is free and is divided into four phases, each is three months in length. A person who is interested to enroll in the recovery program is subject to an in-person interview with the Mission’s intake chaplain. The first nine months are committed to Bible study, counseling, case management, and work therapy. The Mission also provides recovering residents a variety of vocational paths and skill development. They also have an Intern program for graduates who meet certain requirements. More than 80% of the Mission’s expenses are allotted to program services. In 2010 alone, the Ventura County Rescue Mission (one of the ministries of Rescue Mission Alliance) was able to provide 239, 774 meals and 44 men graduated their drug and alcohol recovery program. About 35,162 donors have supported the Rescue Mission Alliance in 2010 to provide a safe haven to people resolving hunger and homelessness, as well as combat the cycle of alcohol and drug dependency.

Wheeler Mission Ministries, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - CEO, Rev. Richard A. Alvis

Wheeler Mission Ministries have been providing social services to the homeless and needy of central Indiana since 1893. It has eight locations and dozens of ministries to help underprivileged men, women, and children by giving them emergency shelter, meals, medical services, emotional and spiritual guidance, vocational, and education support. The Hebron Addiction Recovery Program for Men is a long-term residential recovery program in a remote setting. The cost of the program is $4,000 and the participant makes an 8 to 12-month commitment to Hebron. Participants who cannot pay the entire fee upfront are allowed to work out a payment plan to commence after graduation. Hebron program participants work in a mill setting and produce and sell high-quality hardwood pallets, which partly defrays the cost of the program. The participants also invest their efforts into improvements at Camp Hunt like finishing the new archery range or building our new pasture that features various cattle. The program is dedicated to the spiritual rehabilitation of addicted men and their families.

Helping Up Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director, Mr. Robert K. Gehman

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Helping Up Mission is a nonprofit organization privately funded by thousands of individuals, churches, community organizations, corporations, and foundations. They offer comprehensive services for the poor, addicted, and homeless which include meals, overnight shelter, and long-term recovery programs. In 1994 they began a residential recovery program for men with drug and alcohol addiction, which is now called the 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program set in a 12-Step therapeutic community. Other programs and services offered by the Helping Up Mission are educational courses, transitional housing, and post-graduate programs. Annually, the Mission provides over 335,000 meals; 150,000 shelters; and 2,030 chapel and education courses. Since the organization is dependent upon private sector donations to sustain its programs, services, and facilities, there are no fees collected from participants who want to enroll in the 12-month, residential, spiritual recovery programs. However, Helping Up Mission implement an admittance criteria to qualify for the recovery programs, such as the individual must not have open court dates or outstanding warrants; should be 21-years of age or older, suffering from alcohol or substance abuse, and must be able to perform work therapy assignments.

Light of Life Rescue Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Interim CEO, Dr. Leo Salgado

For over five decades now, Light of Life Rescue Mission has been providing shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry men, women, and children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aside from supporting basic needs, they also offer faith-based, holistic approach to empower addicted and abused individuals to achieve healthy, productive, addiction-free lifestyles. The Men’s Recovery Program is a long-term residential program for men addressing addiction, education, employment, mental health issues and life skills. The core components of the program include life skills, addiction recovery, case management and spiritual nurturing. Between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009, 102 different men were served in long-term (9 to 8-month) residential recovery, and 53 were served from July 1 through September 30, 2009. The program can accommodate up to 38 men at the Mission and 11 graduates in an extended care capacity at a separate facility.

Montana Rescue Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director, Mr. Perry Roberts

The Montana Rescue Mission has been serving the homeless men, women, and children in Billings, MT, Yellowstone County since its founding in 1948. They provide food, clothing, housing services, and several life-enhancing programs to the individuals staying at their facilities in order to help them achieve success in life after they leave the Mission. One of the programs is called the Disciple Level which is primarily geared at people struggling with addictions. Under the program, a 1 to 3-year length of stay (as needed) is allowed as long as positive forward progress is being made.

Redwood Gospel Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director, Rev. Jeffery Gilman

The Redwood Gospel Mission was founded in 1963 in Santa Rosa, California. Their mission is to help individuals break the cycle of addiction, homelessness, and unemployment through safe, overnight shelters, emergency food, job development training and recovery programs. They serve over 300 meals each day and with the help of local donations and hundreds of volunteers, the Mission is able to sustain social services support to the needy. One of the programs they offer is the New Life Program for men, which is a 10 to 14-month long recovery program that utilizes Christ-centered 12-Step program and classes dealing with life skills and personal development.

Erie City Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director, Pastor Rick Crocker

The Erie City Mission is a non-profit Christian social service organization established in 1911 by the famous evangelist Bill Sunday. They provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care to the homeless population in the Erie area and to underprivileged individuals who have life-controlling behaviors and addictions. Every year, the Mission serves 144,000 meals to anyone in need and they also distribute food bags, holiday food baskets, and clothing. The Erie City Mission has several programs that are meant to serve the local community. Their New Life Program is a 6-month to 2-year residential recovery program for men committed to making a true change in life. It includes Spiritual Life Development & Bible Study, Addictions recovery, 12-step AA/NA/GA, Cognitive Renewal Classes, as well as GED classes, Medical & Vocational Screening, Group & Individual counseling, and internships. In 2011, 97 men were part of the New Life Program.

Oliver Gospel Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - President/CEO, Mr. Wayne Fields

The Oliver Gospel Mission is perhaps one of the longest-running organizations in the United States that provide rescue mission services and recovery programs to destitute men, women, and children in Columbia, South Carolina. The services they offer to the homeless include food, shelter, clothing, and spiritual guidance. They also provide a long-term Christian recovery program (up to 18 months) to help men address addiction problems. The Christian Leadership Development Recovery Program is a long-term program that provides pre-employment skills, counseling, bible studies, physical fitness and financial accountability.

Guiding Light Mission, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director/CEO, Mr. Stuart Ray

The Guiding Light Mission was formed in 1929 with the mission to provide meals for the underprivileged locals in the community. When they moved to a new location in the late 1950s, the Mission began offering treatment to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Today, the recovery program is called the New Life in Christ which involves counseling, work therapy, Bible study, and mentorship. The program guides both addicts and non-addicts in rebuilding their spiritual relationship, family, friends, and self, allowing them to change the course of their life and mark on our community. Aside from food assistance and recovery programs, the Mission also offers emergency shelter and housing options to the homeless. In 2011, they have served 72,415 meals and provided 27, 908 overnight stays to the needy.

Providence Home, (Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Rescue Mission) - Executive Director/CEO, Rev. Kenneth Ritchie

In 1963, Providence Home was founded by a reformed alcoholic named John Zenoni. As a non-profit Christian Community Service Program, its mission is to provide services and programs that will help stabilize the living conditions of dislocated men due to substance abuse, economic problems, family breakdown or mental impairment. Residents come to Providence Home primarily through referral. Most referrals come from community organizations, state and federal agencies, hospitals, and churches requesting help for homeless men who have been identified as having a good chance for success if placed in residential housing with a highly structured environment. Their programs include spiritual help, physical help, employment assistance, life-skills training, and recovery program. The recovery program is a Christian 12-Step program and Alcoholics Anonymous meeting are part of the weekly program.