Steroids BLOG

Sportsmen are always subjected to enormous pressure not only to be on top of their game but also to keep a good public image.  They are expected to do everything right and be the best at their sport. However, there is a limit to the pressure that a person can take, and some athletes succumb to the pressure and resort to abusing steroids to improve their performance.

International sports organizations are very strict in maintaining the code of honor in sports.  They conduct several drug tests to ensure that athletes do not use performance-enhancing drugs to boost their game. Athletes found to be abusing steroids are banned from entering any event in the future or are fined large amounts of money, and a promising sports career can be cut short.

Anabolic steroid abuse may result in a liver cyst or even cancer, kidney tumors, blood clotting, hypertension, heart attack and behavioral complications like aggression, and mood swings.  Male athletes on steroids are found to become impotent, have difficulty or experience pain while urinating, have enlarged breasts, experience acne, and baldness, to name a few.  On the other hand, women experience hair loss, enlargement of the clitoris, lowering of voice, acne, receding hairline and baldness similar to men, increased facial hair growth, and breast degeneration.  For pregnant women, the anabolic drug is found to causes retardation in fetal growth or death.

With the consequences being laid out, it seems that nothing is as important as a healthy lifestyle and sound mind and body. This is why laboratory steroid testing can help promote fair play in sports and life.