Steroids BLOG

Sports have been upheld as an alternative of drugs. Young people are encouraged to take part in sports activities since apart from being a constructive source of recreation, sports help to develop a sound mind in a sound body. But the irony is that drug abuse has been increasingly associated to sports – thanks to those who, in search of glory and fame, could do anything – even drugs just to be the winner. “What counts is not the winning but taking part,” is not acceptable. It is not just winning but the rewards that follow and this serves as the primary driving force to take drugs.

Drugs in sports act as performance enhancers. Such drugs, known as ergogenic drugs have been used by sports personalities for a long time. The instance of drug abuse has been reported since the start of the Olympics in Greece in 776 B.C. The competitors then were reported to have consumed certain chemicals that would increase their performance level and provide that extra edge over the others.

The problem of drug abuse became a threat to sports from the 19th century. Today doping is a common term that has affected all forms of sports – athletics, soccer, weight lifting, cricket and so on. I firmly believe that you don’t have to tax your memory to name some of the big names associated with sports of different sorts who have either been banned or at least suspended for their misdemeanor.

Generally, drugs are used for the following benefits:

    • Raising concentration level

    • Boosting up strength and power

    • Increasing endurance level

    • Speed acceleration

    • Enhancing aggressiveness

    • Improving fine motor coordination

    • Reducing anxiety, tremor and pain sensation

But the effects of ergogenic drugs could be extremely dangerous. Liver function, reproductive system, metabolic impairment and psychological effects are common. The anabolic steroids hinder the normal hormonal balance and feedback system, which is why steroid testing in sports is essential.

Have faith in your capability, work hard and you can be the winner.