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As of the current times, there are some athletes that enhance their performance with anabolic steroids and not with exercise and training. The effects of this drug are the same with testosterone since they aid with the development of muscle mass and in gaining weight. Steroids are used mainly for patients with AIDS and with muscle disorders. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that take in anabolic steroids because they want to increase their muscles within a short period of time. The use of the drug for this effect is well known among some celebrities and professional athletes. The sad fact is that even teenagers are also using the drug.

The initial use of anabolic steroids leads to positive effects. They enhance muscle mass, stamina, endurance, and physical strength. For teenagers who are not confident with their appearance, they may result in the use of steroids to enhance their image quickly. But the prolonged use of the drug can lead to several serious side effects to the body such as loss of appetite, abnormal functions of the hormone, lesser reproductive ability, and possible hair loss. On the other hand, the effects of anabolic steroids on the mental health are depression, suicidal behavior, and uncontrollable rage.

A lot of the negative effects of anabolic steroids cannot be reversed. This is why you have to talk with your teenage kid regarding the downsides of steroids. Because of the severity of the matter, you should know whether your child is taking the drug or not. It does not follow that only athlete students take in steroids. There are also some students who are not into sports are also taking the drug. Their reason is to enhance their physical capability and their appearance. Teenagers that look down on themselves because they think that they are puny are more likely to use steroids.

It is hard to know when your kid is taking in anabolic steroids. This is why you have to be vigilant about certain symptoms

and signs. According to Professor Brower, who is an associate psychiatry professor at the University of Michigan Health System, coaches and parents should know the signs that come with the use of steroids. There is difficulty in determining the use because there are some side effects that are normal for growing teens. These symptoms include mood changes, weight gain, and teenage acne.

If your child is an athlete, make sure that you monitor his or her dietary habits. Look out for rigid dietary routines, as well as extreme training. Aside from the diet, you also need to look into physical signs. These may include baldness for the boys, while the girls experience deeper voice, more facial hair, oily skin, and severe acne on the back and face. You can also check for injection sites on your kid’s body. This includes body parts like the buttocks, shoulder, and thigh. You have also option to test your teenage for steroid abuse.

According to a study on steroids regarding the probability of its being addictive, which has been performed by the Keck School of Medicine in the University of Southern California, there is a huge potential of steroid addiction. This goes especially when the user depends too much on the enhanced effects of the drug. Because of the severity of the matter, it is very important that you talk with your kid the moment you notice certain signs of steroid use.