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Interesting Facts About Performance Enhancing Drugs

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) says that many athletes turn to performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids to get their competitive edge in their games. The agency noted however that these substances have drastic effects on an individual even if there are also known benefits of these drugs.

CNN, in their article 'Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports Fast Facts' mentioned that these substances have been popular to professional athletes for many decades now. It noted that problems concerning PEDs were present as early as the 1960's but it was only in the last 10 years that it gained prominence due to the investigation made by the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) as well as the facts divulged by professional athletes themselves. Together with this, the Mitchell investigation in baseball also contributed to the prominence of PEDs in sports. While these substances gained popularity in the world of sports as a whole, it pays to know how it is related to boxing.

#1 – PEDs may be used in between rounds for a boxing match. 

This issue came up in the boxing match between Marcos Maidana and Adrian Broner in December 2013. During that said fight, Broner said that the world of PEDs is quite complex accusing that Maidana won over him due to the use of a substance classified as PED. As reported in the article How a Boxer Could Use PEDs right in the Middle of the Fight, videos of Maidana ingesting a white pill circulated. That white pill was suspected as a PED.

This explains why PEDs may be used in between rounds for a boxing match. The article furthermore discusses that Maidana may have ingested a type of pill classified as PED to get him back in the game and to make him win over his opponent. It was presumed that he ingested either a beta-2 agonist or painkiller or stimulant during the said fight.

#2 – A boxer accused of using PEDs may use several reasons behind why he ingested such substances. 

He may use this as an excuse to defend himself in any case filed against him. Among reasons he may use is that he is down with a flu days before the game and he was prescribed to take antibiotics. As soon as others find out that the medicine contains steroids, although in small amounts, the boxer who was accused of taking the drug may claim that he did not know about that.

For instance, Eric Morales, a professional boxer, was cited to have used a steroid or performance-enhancing drug. This was part of an article published entitled Boxing, Performance Enhancing Drugs and Contradictions. The article mentioned about the drug clenbuterol which is recommended for breathing disorders. Morales tested positive for the substance. While it is known to help with breathing, clebunterol is also mentioned as a weight-loss aid. Morales was not banned from the WBC, making the use of the drug as an excuse to treat his breathing disorders. The decision came even after the case was brought to court for further scrutiny.

#3 – There are legalities that come with the use of illegal PEDs in boxing. 

The offending fighter, those who consented to the illegal drug use and even the Anti-Doping Agency may be sued in case lawsuits may come. This has been presented in the article entitled PEDs: When the Lawsuits Come. The offending fighter and obviously those who facilitated his use of the drug may be sued. Likewise, the anti-doping agency that performed drug tests prior to the fight may also be liable.

The plaintiff, on the other hand, needs proof for his claims that his opponent has indeed used PEDs during the fight. This is at least the first fact the plaintiff should bring to mind when filing a case over his opponent who is presumed to have taken a PED to help him during the boxing match. This can be proven using a positive drug test result. Together with his presumption, he must likewise prove that there is a connection between the defendant's use of the PED and that of the damages the plaintiff suffered during the game. Once he has proven his cause, he may claim compensation up to the extent of damage he had suffered.

#4 – There are boxers who tested positive for drugs – PEDs as well as illegal drug substances. 

This is according to's '20 Boxers who Tested Positive for Drugs'. The article listed 20 of those who were tested positive for drugs including Ray Jones, Jr. and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. among others. There are still a lot more names coming out from the list of professional boxers. Floyd Mayweather, in fact, had continuously raised issues against Manny Pacquiao's endurance in the ring. The question of whether or not the Filipino boxing legend is into using steroids or other forms of performance-enhancing drugs remains for as long as he continues to defeat his opponents.

#5 – PEDs have both physiological and psychological effects on the user. 

Performance-enhancing drugs, like illegal drugs, bring about a lot of drastic effects to those who use them. The USADA enumerates nausea, palpitations, headaches and muscle cramps as the physiological effects and cites decreased heart rate and mood instability as psychological consequences.

PEDs are used not just by professional boxers but also by amateur athletes. If your teenager is into sports and you want to make sure he is not playing under the influence of any illegal substance, it would help to have him tested. Browse to get information on how to undergo drug testing. The site has different drug testing kits that you may choose from. It also offers options to have you or your love one tested at home.