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July 9, 2008 - Celeb Bodyguards Regularly Steroid Tested

Companies including those providing bodyguards for may now be regularly testing their employees for steroids, figures from reveal.

Most of the SteroidConfirm testing kits sold by the company over the last six months were sold to companies rather than individuals like athletes.

Employees working for private contractors overseas may also be subject to routine tests, according to the figures released today.

Serhat Pala, CEO said: "We were surprised to find that most of the tests we sold were not used by athletes for self-testing, but actually by companies that test their employees. Due to the negative impact of steroids on people, some firms are starting to utilize steroid testing in the workplace. "Firms like security companies, private defense contractors, and bodyguard companies are testing their employees for steroids because they don't want someone working under the influence, especially carrying a gun.

"Private soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan are also starting to be tested. Steroids are a serious problem, because some of them that cause high testosterone levels which will make people extremely aggressive, and that's not what people want from their employees when they are holding firearms."

SteroidConfirm is an anabolic steroids test for use in the home, workplace or school. Traditionally, the abuse of anabolic steroids had been linked to athletes who wanted to improve their performance. While this is still the case, steroid abuse has become common among people trying to increase muscle size and reduce body fat. People of many ages abuse steroids, but it is the abuse among high-school students which is a particular problem.

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