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The makers of QED found a great, cheaper alternative to blood or breath testing with the introduction of its saliva alcohol test in the market. This one is not just DOT Approved but is CLIA Waived as well, thus making it a popular product of choice for many. What are the particular uses of QED's A150 Saliva Alcohol Test?


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1. This alcohol test serves a wide array of customers

QED's saliva alcohol test can work very well in a wide array of applications and are preferably administered by professional users like a screening test technician or a trained professional. It is good for use most particularly in workplace testing if employers want to test employees for alcohol use. Of course, it can also be used by the criminal justice department to help with DUI cases and all other alcohol-related cases. It is also helpful in hospital, occupational, psychiatric and emergency health departments wanting to know what caused patients to be brought to them and whether alcohol is one of the culprits.

2. The saliva alcohol test is used to obtain blood alcohol levels

With the help of a saliva sample from a patient or donor, the QED saliva alcohol test quantitatively measures alcohol levels in the bloodstream. It relies upon what is called a predetermined chemical reaction process. The test results can be read using the color bar that rises depending on the alcohol level present in the patient or donor's system.

3. It can be used as a replacement for invasive alcohol testing procedures

Since the samples are collected from a donor's saliva, this product is said to be pain-free and is a good product of choice for people who are afraid of going under the needle. It is simple to use and yields result in about 4 minutes using the thermometer-like color bar in the product.

4. It can also be used for alcohol testing in diabetic patients

The common worry of patients or even practitioners asking patients to undergo saliva alcohol testing is the fact that there can be a cross-reaction with ketone and acetone. These two substances are commonly produced by diabetic patients. With the QED's A150 saliva alcohol test, this is never a problem even if you are handling diabetic patients. The test is nothing like breath analyzers and other saliva tests that react with ketone and acetone.

5. This alcohol test is specifically used to test ethyl alcohol

If there is one particular type of alcohol with which this test can produce significant accurate results, then that would be the detection of ethyl alcohol in the blood through the saliva of the patient.

If you are looking for a dependable and less-expensive way for alcohol testing, the QED's A150 saliva alcohol test is a good product of choice. You can try this product for workplace testing and for all other applications as specified above.