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The VacuConfirm urine transfer system is one of the more exciting innovations in drug testing technology to come out in a long time. It makes collecting, transferring and transporting urine specimens much easier, much faster and definitely more sanitary.

When a urine test screens positive, it will be sent over to an accredited laboratory for the required confirmatory testing. Imagine a big hiring expo where hundreds of applicants submit samples. The non-negative samples will either be

  1. transported directly in their original collection cups or
  2. transferred to shipping vials before being sent out. 

For the 1st case, transporting samples in their original drug test cups will require a lot of space and will consequently cost more. In the 2nd case, the non-negative samples will have to be transferred one by one to shipping vials using teeny tiny pipettes or droppers. This process is tedious and will cost an arm and a leg in man-hours to complete because the people doing it will have to work slowly to avoid spills or make mistakes, not to mention taking extra care to avoid exposure to other people’s bodily fluids.   

How does VacuConfirm make either of these scenarios better? If the non-negative samples are transferred to the vacu tubes before transporting, shipping costs will be much lower because the vacu tubes won’t occupy as much space and will be easier to handle. The entire process of transferring the samples to the vacu tubes will most definitely be easier and faster than using pipettes or droppers, potentially avoiding having to pay extra man-hours to get all the samples transferred and shipped out in a timely manner. 

The samples in the vacu tubes may be tested directly, no need to transfer them again to testing vials. This means more time saved, rendering the entire process more efficient. 

5 Panel DrugConfirm CLIA Waived Dip Card

Vacu Confirm Features/Specifications

  • Savings – Time, Money, Storage Space, Shipping and Overall Lab Fees
  • Quick & easy and most sanitary collecting method
  • Direct Vacu tube testing when necessary
  • No leakage during shipment/ transport to lab
  • Quick and easy collection and transfer of specimen – no more pipettes
  • Self-contained system - eliminates direct handling of sample
  • For use with any DrugConfirm Advanced drug testing cups