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The biggest difference between TestCountry and Walgreens when it comes to home drug test kits is selection.

Walgreens' selection of home drug testing kits is limited to fewer than two dozen actual drug testing items. Almost all of the drug testing kits available at Walgreens are urine tests, with a few hair follicle tests available but no saliva tests available.

Also, the selection of brands is quite limited, with Walgreens only stocking a few different brands of home drug testing equipment.

On the other hand, TestCountry's selection for home drug testing kits is extensive and includes instant urine tests, laboratory urine tests, hair follicle tests, saliva tests, surface tests and even the rarely heard of fingernail drug tests.

On top of that, TestCountry carries multiple brands for each type of test, so if you have a preference for a certain brand, you can find it at TestCountry.


Another big difference between shopping at Walgreens and shopping at TestCountry for your home drug testing supplies is that at TestCountry, you have access to the expertise of people who have knowledge about the products and can recommend the best product to suit your needs. Not only do they help you at the time of sale, but they are also more than willing to answer any follow-up questions you have after the purchase. Remember, TestCountry isn't just a store, it's an all-in-one drug and health & wellness testing service center.

At Walgreens, you're dealing with chain store customer service representatives that you probably can not rely on the expertise of and, in reality, probably don't have any real expertise in this field.


Prices are another significant difference between Walgreens and TestCountry. For example, Walgreens sells the TeenSaver 5-panel instant drug testing cup for over $20 but an instant drug test cup of similar quality and that tests for the same drugs sells for only $5.50 at TestCountry. Prices also go down at TestCountry with bulk orders.


The only advantage that Walgreens has over TestCountry is that it has physical locations, whereas TestCountry does not. If you need a home drug testing kit immediately, you would be able to go into your local Walgreens and buy one provided that it is in stock. For TestCountry, you would have to allow at least some time for delivery.

This also makes returns easier to deal with at Walgreens.