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Does Target Sell Drug Tests?

There are endless providers of home drug test kits. The question is: where do I buy home drug tests from?

Target department stores offer a decent selection of home drug testing kits. However, since shelf space is limited, large retail stores do not provide as many options as specialty stores like TestCountry.

How Much Does a Home Drug Test Cost?

Instant home test kits are very affordable, and prices differ only slightly between different brands and testing methods. First Check home test kits, for example,  can detect upwards of 7 drugs for $30.49 at Target. If you do not need to use the test immediately, however, TestCountry delivers the same home drug test at one-third of the price.

    Target At Home Drug Test Accuracy

    Whether you purchase your home drug test from TestCountry or Target, instant test kits are usually extremely reliable, allowing you to confidently screen for the most common drugs of abuse in minutes.

    One benefit of purchasing your drug tests at TestCountry is you will be able to take advantage of our expertise if you have any issues with your order. In addition, we'll show you how to use your home test kits properly so that you prevent the risk of false results.

    At Target, you're dealing with chain store customer service representatives that you probably can not rely on the expertise of and, in reality, probably don't have any real expertise in this field.

    Where to Buy Home Drug Tests

    If you need a home drug testing kit immediately, it's probably ideal to visit your local Target. If your timing is flexible, though, you can have a home drug test delivered straight to your front door at a fraction of the regular retail price. 

    If you're considering shopping for your drug tests online, TestCountry delivers:

    • Urine collection cups
    • Urine dip cards
    • Hair follicle tests
    • Saliva tests
    • and more.

    In addition to that, TestCountry carries multiple brands for each type of test if you have a preference:

    • DrugConfirm OTC
    • SmartChoice Instant Tests
    • HairConfirm Hair Drug Tests

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