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CVS Home Drug Test

Selection is probably the biggest difference between TestCountry and CVS Pharmacy when it comes to home drug test kits. While CVS offers urine and hair drug tests for home use, most major retailers do not provide oral fluid drug testing options.

Does CVS Sell Drug Tests?

Drug testing kits available at CVS Pharmacy are mainly urine or hair test kits. Each of these drug testing methods provide accurate results, with a few differences between the two:

Hair Drug Testing

Using a hair follicle test like HairConfirm provides a 90-day history of drug abuse. These tests are conducted in a certified laboratory setting, and results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. A full numerical report can be accessed privately and confidentially online.

Urine Drug Testing

CVS Pharmacies are home to a selection of First Check instant urine test cups, which deliver preliminary results within minutes of collecting a urine specimen. These tests may be slightly more affordable than hair follicle exams, however urine drug tests provide a limited detection window of 3-5 days after drugs are used.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Oral fluid drug tests cannot be purchased from CVS at this time. However, if you are interested in the widescale application of oral fluid drug testing, TestCountry offers a variety of reliable instant test kits with certifications and other important features. 

First Check Drug Test Reviews

First Check is a reliable option when it comes to home drug testing; however, DrugConfirm OTC urine test kits offer more flexibility with the ability to test 1, 4, or 12 drugs of abuse at once depending on the degree of your suspicions. These tests are equally affordable as First Check without compromising the accuracy of test results.

TestCountry Home Drug Tests

TestCountry, Your Trusted Drug Test Source, has a multitude of different home drug test types to choose from, including:

  • Urine cups
  • Urine dip cards
  • Hair follicle exams
  • Oral fluid drug testing
  • Laboratory urine tests
  • and more.

Better still, TestCountry offers unbeatable shipping rates, so you can have your drug test delivered to your front door without having to leave your house.

CVS Drug Test Accuracy

In the field of drug testing, TestCountry employs people with expertise who can take into consideration your drug testing goals and recommend the perfect kit for you. Not only do they help you at the time of sale, but they are also more than willing to answer any follow-up questions you have after the purchase. Remember, TestCountry isn't just a store, it's an all-in-one drug and health & wellness testing service center.

How Much is a Drug Test at CVS?

TestCountry provides bulk pricing discounts if you have to purchase a large supply of drug tests. However, we also offer individual pricing for single, one-time private home use drug test kits.

CVS also offers competitive rates on instant home drug tests, perhaps with the downside of a smaller selection. 

CVS Locations

If you need to use a drug test immediately, it might be best to visit your local CVS Pharmacy in person. But if you would like the convenience of your drug test being delivered with the added safety of making a discrete purchase, TestCountry is your best bet.