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There’s one quick way to find out if someone in your home or office is using marijuana illegally—make him take the Marijuana Dipstrip Urine Drug Test.

The simple, one-step Marijuana Dipstrip Urine Drug Test can detect THC (Marijuana, Hashish, Weed, Mary Jane) and Opiates in urine samples instantly. Just take the test strip from the foil pouch and hold it vertically in the urine sample, making sure that it is not immersed over the maximum line. Drug test results for marijuana testing will be visible in 3 to 5 minutes—just check for the appearance of one (positive) or two (negative) color bands at the right of the results window. The absence of color bands means that the test is invalid. The color band at the left of the drug test results window is the control band, and indicates that the test is working properly.

The cut-off levels of the Marijuana Dipstrip Urine Drug Test can detect THC levels as low as 50ng/mL and are set to NIDA standards. Its sensitivity is also reported to meet the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Don’t wait till marijuana abuse gets the better of your workforce or your family. Use the Marijuana Dipstrip Urine Drug Test for quick, affordable and reliable marijuana testing anytime, anywhere.