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iScreen Drug Test Information

Home drug tests are the practical choice for those who want a reliable, easy and affordable way to detect substance abuse in job applicants and employees. Most people, though, have problems with urine drug tests because they can be messy and can seem too invasive for some people.

The iScreen Drug Test is a rapid, self-contained saliva test that is more practical than urine home drug tests because it is less invasive and doesn’t need any sample collection. Its practical design makes it easy to use at any time, without the need for a bathroom.


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The revolutionary design of the iScreen Oral Saliva Drug Test eliminates air bubbles and since its nature makes it difficult to tamper with and adulterate (saliva is impossible to substitute), the iScreen Oral Saliva Drug Test is claimed to be more accurate than other home drug tests in the market. Simply collect saliva on the provided swab and insert this back into the iScreen device. Results may be read within 10 minutes.

The iScreen Oral Saliva Drug Test is available in 4, 5 and 6-panel configurations and includes a photocopy template to make filing and recording results quick and easy. This saliva test can detect up to 6 illegal substances, including Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines and PCP.

Work your way around “shy bladder” excuses and prevent drug test cheating and tampering, use the iScreen Oral Saliva Drug Test for more reliable results.