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The E-Z Split Key® Cup Urine Testing kit is a CLIA-Waived, FDA-510k-cleared, integrated sample collection cup and test device in one. It features a 2-chamber design with a hinged, leak-proof lid. It is available in combinations of 3-Panel, 4-Panel5-Panel, 6-Panel10-Panel and 12-Panel cups; and is able to test for 14 drugs namely:

• Amphetamine

• Oxycodone

• Barbiturates


• Benzodiazepines


• Buprenorphine

• Phencyclidine

• Cocaine

• Marijuana

• Propoxyphene

• Methadone

• Tricyclic Antidepressants

• Opiates

Revolutionary Design

The many disadvantages of urine drug testing that have been the source of many controversies in the past are practically non-existent with the E-Z Split Key® Cup.

• Hygienic and non-invasive – people who used to think that urine testing is invasive and messy find that it is not so with the E-Z Split Key® Cup. The cup-opening is so shaped that both genders will be able to collect their urine directly into it with hardly any mess. Test subjects also have the luxury of sealing the cup themselves, saving them the embarrassment of handing over an exposed specimen to a test administrator who is, after all, a total stranger in most cases.

The first chamber holds the specimen without it touching the test strips. When the test admin pushes-in the key, some of the specimen will fill the second chamber, enough to activate the test strips and begin testing. A portion of the specimen remains in the first chamber. Pre-employment drug testing administrators benefit from this design as they never have to come into direct contact with the specimen.

This is a revolutionary design that has made urine drug testing less of an inconvenience for both the test subjects and the test administrators, even allowing for convenient storage of the remaining specimen should it become apparent later that a lab confirmation is required.

• Tamper-proof - only the very primitive urine tests are easy to cheat. E-Z Split Key® Cup Urine Test Devices use state-of-the-art technology. They include temperature strips, which minimize the very rampant practice of sample swapping of days past; and adulterant detection strips, which can instantly identify an invalid specimen depending on its pH, specific gravity and the presence of oxidants.

• Quick Results – gone are the days when employers and test subjects have to wait from 3-5 days before hearing back from a testing center regarding urine test results. The E-Z Split Key® Cup provides accurate, reliable and lab-comparable results on-the-spot, with a unique label that allows for the results to be photocopied right off the cup.

Please check out E-Z Split Key® Cup Urine Tests from Test Country and contact our CustomerService for assistance or to inquire about bulk order discounts.

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