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Walmart carries over a dozen home test kits including home drug test kit, fertility test kit, wellness test kit, home mold test kit, water test kit, STD test kit, and Alcohol breath test kit, to name a few.

Their home drug test is capable of testing up to seven most common drugs, such as Cocaine (cocaine & benzoylecgonine), Marijuana, Opiates (Codeine, Morphine and 6 monacteyl morphine), Methamphetamine, (Meth/amphetamine & Ecstasy), and Phencyclidine (PCP). The test detects for the presence drugs for up to 90-days following usage. Among the brands of home drug test kits you'll find on Walmart are HairConfirm and First Check, with affordable prices ranging from $12 to $50.

These home drug test kits typically include instruction booklet, specimen ID card, specimen collection device, and pre-paid shipping. When followed according to instructions, the home drug test kits offered on Walmart provide accurate and reliable results in just a few days.

Walmart offers "Site to Store" and "Ship to Home" options when ordering home drug test kits online. The "Site to Store" option entitles you with FREE Shipping to any Walmart Store. Simply order a home drug test kit that has "Site to Store" logo and you'll receive an email telling you your order is ready for pick up at the Walmart store near your location. If you don't want the hassle of driving down to a Walmart store you may choose the "Ship to Home" option for your home drug test kit order.

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Excerpts from those who purchased home drug test kits from Walmart:

JWR221 from South Jersey says "This gave us a great piece of mind in the privacy of our home. We did not want to embarrass our son by going to the doctors...but we wanted to know. He was a little upset when we "sprang" the test on him, but was very receptive to the idea after we talked & explained why we were doing it... ...He passed with flying colors...This test is simple and easy to do...worth every penny!!!"

DawgyStylez from Maine says "This test was very easy to use and it's 99% accurate. Just make sure you read the directions and you're good to go. It literally takes 5 minutes. The best part is, there is no subjectivity to interpreting the results. If a line is present next to "Drug", regardless of how dark or light it is, it indicates a negative result. If your result comes back preliminary positive, the kit comes with a non-prepaid box so you can send the sample in for a full lab test."

An anonymous customer from Port Charlotte, Florida says "I would recommend this product to anyone who thinks there children are using drugs!