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Benefits of iCup 5-Panel Drug Test

No lines, no hassle, no waiting--the iCup Panel Urine Drug Test gives you fast, reliable results in 5 minutes or less. Cleared by the FDA and waived by the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), this one-step drug test kit detects Cocaine, Marijuana (THC) Opiates (including heroin), Methamphetamines and Phencycline.

Perfect for home or office use, the iCup 5 Panel Urine Drug Test begins drug screening as soon as urine specimen is placed in the clear cup. Its single unit, closed testing system and a temperature strip at the back of the cup ensures easy collection and preservation of the urine sample’s integrity. It also has a built-in validity test that detects sample adulteration. Drug testing cut-off levels are set to the standard SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) levels.

Drug test results can be seen by peeling off the label on the back of the cup. The iCup 5-Panel Urine Drug Test can do drug screening for either the presence or absence of selected drugs like Cocaine, Speed, Hash, Weed and Ecstasy and its simple configuration and easy-to-read 5-panel result table allows you to even photocopy the test results.

5 Panel iCup Drug Testing Cup w/ Adulteration

All these make the iCup 5 Panel Urine Drug Test the easiest, most simple and fastest drug test kit in the market today.