Prescription Drugs BLOG

Teen prescription drug abuse can lead to abuse of other drugs. This is the latest findings of a survey done in about 2,744 Detroit area high school students.

The survey showed kids prescribed with sleeping pills, pain or anti-anxiety medications, and stimulants in the last year admitted to experimenting with their drugs, and about 22% of the respondents admitting they took more than their usual dosage to get “high.” These same adolescents will likely abuse other types of drugs and develop dangerous habits like binge drinking, smoking, and pot use.

When researchers from the University of Michigan screened the participants to determine drug use, those who used their medications according to physician’s instructions were less likely to develop a dependence on medication and on other drugs compared to those who misused their prescriptions and then significantly went into more serious problems with drug abuse.

Authors of the study advised parents to personally monitor their kid’s prescription medications and check whether children are following the doctor’s advice. Health professionals also have a responsibility when it comes to prescribing medications to adolescent kids. They may opt to choose medications that are less addictive to children, or should signs of abuse begin to show, they can immediately re-assess the needs of their child patients.

Prescription drug abuse is becoming one of the biggest problems of society today. When children play around with their medications, they increase their risks to drug addiction and could even persuade other kids to do the same by selling, trading, or giving away their prescribed drugs to those who have no need for them. Parents should now take the initiative to educate themselves about this type of addiction.