Prescription Drugs BLOG

Drug testing is common among employers today, including random drug testing that can occur in some workplaces. Most of the drug testing that is done is used to screen out illegal drug use such as street drugs. Street drugs such as amphetamines include cocaine as well as methamphetamines, two of the most common street drugs today. However, not all drug testing is accurate as there are several prescription drugs as well as drugs that someone can purchase over the counter that can give a positive test for amphetamines even if someone is not using these illegal drugs.

Here are just 3 of the more commonly used prescription drugs that can cause a false positive result for amphetamines:

Bromptons Mixture

Bromptons Mixture is one of the most common prescription drugs that can cause a positive drug test for amphetamines when drug testing. This is a prescription that is usually used to treat cancer patients. If you are on this medication, it is important that you tell those who are doing drug testing that you are on this compound, so that more drug testing can be done if necessary to eliminate amphetamines as the culprit. Too often, people do not realize that prescription drugs that are given by their doctor can have an adverse effect on their drug testing that they undergo for employment. This can result in the loss of employment if you are already employed or in not getting a job if this is a pre-employment test.


Amoxicillin is used to treat infections and is a very common antibiotic.  Unfortunately, it can also make a person turn up positive during drug testing for amphetamines. If you are on amoxicillin and have to undergo a drug test, it is vital that you should tell the healthcare provider that you are taking this drug. Amoxicillin is usually prescribed for ten days. Those who are on Amoxicillin and who are asked to submit to a random drug test should know the risk of their drug test turning out positive for amphetamines and should bring in the prescription or ask for a test at a later date. In most cases, a letter from a doctor stating that the patient is being treated with this drug is sufficient for drug testing to be held off till the drug is out of the system.


Ampicillin is another antibiotic that is also used like Amoxicillin to treat bacterial and staph infections. A patient who is on penicillin should advise the person who is performing the drug testing of their status as these prescription drugs can cause a false positive for amphetamines. Anyone who is being treated with prescription medication should consult with the health care provider who is performing drug testing so that they are not mistakenly targeted as positive for amphetamines due to prescription drugs that they are taking.

Over the counter drugs can also cause someone to test positive for amphetamines. Over the counter drugs, such as those made for allergies as well as decongestants can cause a false positive in drug testing for amphetamines. Anyone who has taken an over the counter medication for allergies or congestion should be advised of this fact and if the test turns out positive for amphetamines, ask for another drug test.