Prescription Drugs BLOG

Drugs are basically issued by doctors­ for medical purposes. For instance, cannabis can actually be prescribed to patients who are experiencing severe diarrhea or strong fever. Narcotics are given to patients who are suffering from mild to severe pain. These are the types of drugs that cannot be bought from pharmacies without doctors’ prescription as they contain sedatives, anxiolytic, analgesic, and stimulant properties which are actually habit forming.

However, youngsters have actually found an easier way to obtain the drug from close friends who are also addicts through smuggling or through the black market. In truth, using drugs for owns vested interest is known as misusing drugs. The more recent a person misuse a drug, the more likely he is to be caught guilty through drug testing.

There are many ways that can lead people to misuse drugs. Some of them are not intentional but some of them are plainly for one’s sake of feeling contented and happy. The following are the most popular ways on how people misuse drugs.

1.    Prescription drugs basically contain sedatives that are habit forming. Once, children depend too much on drug, for example, for pain relief there is a tendency for them to depend on taking drugs even for treating simple pain than sacrificing a bit.  Some children simply take pain killers even when it is not needed at all.

2.    According to the 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of the teens have taken prescription drugs without doctor’s prescription to reduce body weight. Since, taking drugs suppresses the appetite; most teens believe that drugs are the best remedy to obesity and overlapping love handles.

3.    Some teens simply buy drugs in the black market or obtain them from friends in order to feel extreme euphoria as for narcotics, opioids, and cracks.

4.    Some people take relaxants, sleeping pills, or painkillers in order to induce sleeps during night. Thus, every time they don’t feel at ease, depend on drugs to sleep early.

5.    Teens usually drink strong prescription medicines with cocaine or cannabis contents to relieve and recover strong emotions such as guilt, anger, and frustrations even though these drugs are actually prescribed for treating some diseases. This way of misusing drug is also brought by peer pressure.

6.    Some people inject drugs from time to time in order to grow muscles such as steroids despite its recommended limit of use for athletes during games only.

7.    Most kids simply take drugs orally because they usually see their parents taking the same drugs. Parents may not about the instance, but kids can be very observant on the palace where parents hide their drugs.

8.    Adults misuse drugs by taking them as an outlet to escape from severe problems at home caused by family truce and marital fight.

9.    Silent type teens take drugs to become energetic and self confident whenever there are night outs and parties. This gives them the confidence they want to talk to others, stand from bullies, and gain more friends despite that it not actually the main purpose of prescription drugs.

10.  Kids usually experiment on drugs. At times, they take it for the purpose of testing its effects. Some combine drugs with alcohol and other substances for more extreme effects. Others place drugs in some other people’s drinks for fun.

UK Dug Misuse and Drug Testing

Drug misuse has long been a problem among teens in the United Kingdom. The government, on the other hand, has put forth on a variety of legal actions to those who are caught to be misusing drugs through the UK drug testing.

Aside from this, what people have actually neglected on misusing drugs is its side effects on overall health. Drug misuse can harm both the physical and mental aspects of a person. There are many ways to detect when a person is misusing drugs. Whether in the workplace or at schools, you can easily detect whether or not a person is misusing drugs. Irritation and aggressiveness are usually the first symptoms noticed after a person misuses drugs. In most cases, symptoms like loss of concentration and confusion can also be noticed especially when kids begin failing at school. People at work may also exhibit poor time-keeping, deterioration in relationship with co-workers, customers, and management. On the onset of drug misuse, a person may be noticed to have sudden burst of energy while some may have altered perception on things.

UK drug testing kits are one of the tools that also help detect drug testing, aside from simply depending on its symptoms. Random drug testing is usually done in the workplace or at schools to assess drug misuse among employees and students. Following the new federal cut-off of drug testing, positive subjects may be given medical intervention or chance to recover.