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Teenage Pregnancy Help Groups

There has been an increasing incidence of teenage pregnancy reported worldwide, and each poses problems in the society. Teenage pregnancy is simply defined as incidents where girls in their adolescence, typically at age 13 to 17, get pregnant. Usually, such cases are unplanned. The first period of menstruation among girls starts at 12 years old on average. At this time, she can test positive for pregnancy after she gets involved in sexual intercourse.

There are many issues faced by teenage pregnancy as teenagers are not fully included in the legal adulthood. The very first and most important issue is the non-readiness to raise a family. This poses risks to socioeconomic factors like education, economy, employment, etc. Most children born from teenagers have low levels of education, experience poverty, has health risks, and has low well-being. Aside from the child it bears, teenagers are also faced with health risks that may include physical, emotional, and mental health. Also, there is the issue of the teenager’s ability to develop another responsible, healthy, and well-developed individual in the society.

It could have been better if the teenage pregnancy is planned—that is, there are substantial marriage preparation and support from the family. This happens to most tribes and undeveloped areas in the world. However, most teenage pregnancies in developed countries are outside marriage. This somehow causes social stigma. For this reason, there are different organizations in the developed countries that focus on and against teenage pregnancy. These organizations are mainly concerned with the problems arising from teenage pregnancy.

Organizations Against Teenage Pregnancy

Organizations arise to prevent teenage pregnancies. Most of them aim to educate or equip parents, teenagers, school administrators, and other concerned parties about the effects of teenage pregnancy. They develop programs, workshops, seminars, and information campaign against teenage pregnancy. Some of these organizations are:

• Every Child Matters. This is a UK-based organization that consolidates resources relating to teenage pregnancy. It is aimed at providing information and teenage pregnancy strategies to organizations who are concerned against teenage pregnancy. It tackles health, economy, education, and social effects and how problems in these socio-economic factors can be minimized if not eliminated.

• California Wellness Foundation. This non-profit California-based organization focuses on the general well-being of the people in California. This provides special grants to promote health and wellness as well as minimize diseases. Grants are also provided to clinics and reproductive health organizations which are focusing on teens. Organizations that promote healthcare, leadership development, and informants to policymakers are also given grants as they work against teenage pregnancies.

• The National Campaign. This is another non-profit organization that provides information and activities to prevent teenage pregnancy. They are packed with activities for leadership development, information to policymakers, working with media against teenage pregnancy, programs for teenage self-development and many others.