Nicotine BLOG

Out with your friends for the weekend and you decide to have a smoke. It’s just one cigarette and probably has a couple more since most of them are smoking, thinking it will not cause you serious health problems because you are only smoking for the weekend.

People choose to be “occasional” or “social” smokers thinking that it has no serious effect on the body but studies show otherwise. Due to controversies about light smoking being safe, research was made to study the adverse effects of light smoking. Light smoking is considered smoking one to four cigarettes a day or smoking less than a pack per week.

Based on years of research, smoking one or two cigarettes a day can cause:
    • The risk of getting heart disease or lung cancer, and it shows that the effects are higher in women.

    • Researchers from Norway monitored 43,000 people from mid-1970’s to 2002 and found out that light smoking had three times the risk of heart disease compared to those who never smoked.
    • Although cigarette smoking affects the lungs with long-term use, it has an immediate effect on the blood that causes it to be less responsive to blood flow which leads to cardiovascular disease.
    • Light smoking causes the arteries to stiffen and will make it less responsive to blood flow, therefore, leading to cardiovascular disease.  It also compromises the body’s ability to cope with physical stress.
    • Women have five times the risk of dying from lung cancer while men were found to be at three times the risk.
    • The damage that smoking caused lingers in the body for weeks even after quitting.
    • Smoking causes plaque build up in the arteries and increases the risk of blood clotting, reduced oxygen distribution in the blood, increase in blood pressure, makes the heart work harder,  and a high risk of suffering from ischemic stroke.
    • Light smokers have a 50 percent higher risk of dying of any cause compared to non-smokers. The risk goes higher the as the number of cigarettes goes up.
Smoking is bad for the health in general. Whether you finish a pack or smoke as little as one or two cigarettes a day, it is harmful to the body. Even inhaling secondhand smoke from smokers around you causes health problems. If you are an “occasional” smoker or a light smoker, it is best to just quit while you’re still not dependent on it. And if you're an employer who wants to keep cigarettes out of the workplace, try using instant tobacco or nicotine test kits.