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The Drug Identification Bible

The Drug Identification Bible is the most authoritative and complete identification reference for both legal and illegal drugs.

What does this book contain?

The Drug Identification Bible contains the Controlled Substances Act, a section on tablet and capsule imprints. This book also contains a section on photos of controlled prescription drugs.


This particular section consists of over 1,000 full-size and full-color photographs of both a tablet’s front and back, making it very easy to do the side-by-side identification. It includes valuable information such as the DEA control status of the drug, product markings on the tablet or capsule, the brand name, and active ingredients. This section also contains comprehensive medical information and the name of the manufacturer or the marketer of the drug.

The Drug Identification Bible also includes a section on illicit drug text, as well as a separate section on illicit drug photos. A portion of the book is also dedicated towards a glossary or the slang terms for many illicit substances. With this book, you can find illicit drug sources and purity levels. You can also find information on street prices and methods of use.

The rear section of the book contains sections on chemicals and pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also includes urine drug detection limits and a weight conversion chart.

What is this book for?

The Drug Identification Bible is a tool. This book can be used as a training tool or even for field use for those in authority. It is an aid that is geared towards reducing the use of drugs for non-medical reasons. This book is not an endorsement nor does it support the use of illicit substances for recreational purposes.

This book is neither instructive nor prescriptive. Due to possible inaccuracies, you may seriously harm yourself or be at risk of serious health conditions if you use drugs based on information found in this book.

Who is this book for?

The Drug Identification Bible was created for law enforcement personnel and other people in authority. This book aims to educate and supply them with information regarding the initial field of legal and illegal substances and related paraphernalia.

This book is a must-have for all law enforcement agencies. A survey conducted at various law enforcement agencies showed that 100% of the respondents used the Drug Identification Bible to identify unknown illicit substances.

Unintended persons are not allowed to use this book to promote their knowledge and use of legal and illegal drugs.