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All About "Shake and Bake" Crystal Meth

The traditional stove style of cooking meth is gone and now it's been replaced by a variety that is far easier to make and harder to detect than the old method. A self-contained bottle (generally an empty 2-liter soda bottle) is filled with the ingredients and then shaken not allowing the ingredients to settle out. Then the liquid is poured through a coffee filter. To make matters worse the new method and ease of use have attracted even more methamphetamine makers. Before there were usually only a few in the group who could cook the meth now many of them can do it, opening the ability of small drug producing groups to make quick, efficient supply.

The drugs are also much stronger where before they had access to tabs that were 30 milligrams now they have the 24 hour 240-milligram tabs to make meth from. The risk of explosion is also less, meaning that makers can shake the product in a driving car if they'd like to. It also means that it's easier to make up the meth outside of the home and away from their families, making for more conscientious meth labs.