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THC Detection Times

marijuana drug tests

Marijuana can be detected fairly easily when using an instant drug test. Whether traces of THC is found in a sample depends on individual factors i.e. metabolism, frequency of marijuana use, etc.

Types of Marijuana Drug Tests

    • Saliva drug tests are easy to use and non-invasive. Evidence of marijuana use can only be detected 3-24 hours after the drug is ingested since marijuana does not stay in saliva for long.
    • Hair drug tests require a sample to be obtained from the donor's scalp. These tests are 99% accurate with the ability to trace drug use 90 days back in time since hair follicles will permanently retain metabolites until the hair is removed. Hair drug tests are so sensitive that even those who rarely use marijuana may test positive.
    • Urine drug tests can detect marijuana anywhere from 1 to 30 days after the drug is ingested. Of all the drug testing methods, urine drug testing is one of the most effective and affordable, especially if screening needs to be applied en masse in the workplace.