Marijuana BLOG

Marijuana is one of several drugs that might be found when a drug test is conducted and users of this drug are more likely to be able to cover up their use than many other drugs. The element that makes use clear is the level of THC that person has remaining in their system at the time of testing. Your ability to detect this use and the presence of THC is largely affected by the amount and frequency of use that the user has and the span of time there is between uses. Other factors such as the sensitivity of the drug test itself can also play a part in the test’s ability to verify if marijuana use is clear.

These forms of Drug Testing are Most Commonly Used for Marijuana
    • Saliva: While this type is easy and non-invasive, it can be less effective than other methods. Evidence of marijuana use is detected for a far shorter span with this form of drug testing than with other types. Marijuana use is only detected if it’s occurred within 3 days of the test. This is because marijuana metabolites don’t stay long in the saliva.
    • Hair: Hair testing involves taking a sample from close to the scalp of the user. This method is very accurate and has been known to test drug use as far back as 90 days because the hair follicle retains trace amounts of the drug metabolites as it grows. Even those who use marijuana infrequently have tested positive for the drug when hair drug testing was used. It can be cost prohibitive however and may be less effective than other forms if the sample isn’t taken close enough to the scalp.
    • Urine: In a urine screen, marijuana can be clearly detected for about 1-7 days from one isolated use to as much as 30 days in a person who smokes the drug on a regular basis. Of all the drug testing methods, urine drug testing is one of the most effective forms of validating use. It is true however that a user who only smokes about one a week or once a month is far less likely to be detected because THC does not stay in their system for a long time after use and is usually gone within a matter of days. Interestingly, positive tests in users with less frequency of use often come after the individual has come down from the high.