Marijuana BLOG

Worried your teenaged son or daughter is into Marijuana? Here are some telltale signs they are probably using the drug.

1. Dilated pupils:
This is one of the classic signs of marijuana abuse. If you notice your child’s pupils larger than usual it might be time to inspect other traces of drug usage. The eyes will also appear bloodshot most times.

2. A bad smell:
Most people who indulge in Marijuana smoking will typically have a characteristic smell around their clothes, rooms or cars. If you notice a weird smell around your teenaged son or daughter, it might be signs he or she is smoking pot.

3. Traces of the drug:
You might also notice cigarette rolled papers lying around your child’s room or the seeds, which are cleaned out of Marijuana.

4. Sleepy and lacking motivation:
If your child seems lethargic all the time and is feeling sleepy it could be a sign he or she is onto Marijuana. Often, the regular intake of the drug can mean a reduced drive to get things done. If your child currently does not lack the zeal to accomplish something or does not seem to have any desires of their own, it is a classic sign of smoking Marijuana.

5. Smoking devices:
If you find devices such as bongs or pipes or even homemade devices used for smoking, make sure to inspect the area thoroughly. You will typically find a sticky substance, which is a by-product of burning Marijuana.

6. Giddy-headed:
If your child is having dizziness or is laughing continuously for no reason, it could be he or she is taking Marijuana. If he or she is acting strange or finding it difficult to remember things occurred a few minutes ago, it is a characteristic sign of Marijuana usage.

7. Bad grooming:
Another common symptom of teenage Marijuana abuse is the lack of motivation to groom oneself. Your child may not want to take a bath or clean himself as he or she used to.

8. Deteriorating relationships:
One other sign of Marijuana usage is seen when the person is unable to maintain healthy relationships with people around. If the person is having regular fights or is unable to maintain a friendly conversation these are telltale signs your child is using Marijuana. Often, your child may lose interest in old friendships and seek friends who are not favorable to you. These new friends may exhibit classic signs of drug abuse, alcoholism etc.

9. Incense:
Many teenagers who use Marijuana need to cover up the characteristic smell. Hence, they typically use incense sticks or perfumed incense for this purpose. If you notice such a behavior in your child, you know it is a warning sign. There may be similar indicators of excessive use of mouthwash or using a lot of air freshener.

10. Stickers:
Marijuana users will often like to display their addiction by means of stickers and posters. The Code 420 refers to Marijuana usage. So, if you see a poster above your child’s bed or a 420 sticker on the college bag, you know your child might be smoking Marijuana.