Lab Drug Testing BLOG

The world is so fascinated with drug and alcohol testing, and for good measure. Substance abuse continues to be one of the leading issues in the world today, and it's important to implement effective strategies to treat cases and prevent future incidents.

Laboratory drug and alcohol testing is a very helpful tool for individuals and companies in need of fast and accurate test results for alcohol and drugs. Here are three advantages of using same day testing:

Better time management

The sample collection process is very fast and easy, and results may come up as early as 1-2 days. This allows employers to conduct drug testing on employees without having to take them away from their job posts for too long. Same day testing promotes higher work productivity than other kinds of drug and alcohol tests.

Lower costs

Conducting workplace drug testing keeps employment costs at bay because employees are healthier and less prone to engage in drug-related absenteeism.

Choosing how the drug testing program is conducted is incredibly important for companies, as it affects the price a lot. There are quite a few variables to consider when looking into a drug testing program, and choosing the right inclusions can make the costs vary.

Companies planning to implement a drug testing program need to consider the cost of having a policy drawn up, an approval by legal counsel, the cost of storing drug testing kits (if you choose to go with them), and various other costs associated with a testing program (such as administrative costs, lost productivity while people are being tested, and the like).

Of course, the cost is only one side of the equation. On the other side of that equation is a return on investment (ROI). How much the company will actually save from implementing a drug testing program is a subject for another article, but you can try Quest Diagnostics' Drug Testing ROI Calculator to give you an indication of what that might be.

Reduced worry and fear

Waiting for results of a drug or alcohol test can be psychologically stressful for anyone. With same day drug testing, results are available in 1 to 2 days, effectively reducing the time for worry and fear.

As one of the foremost companies in the U.S. to offer same day drug and alcohol tests, TestCountry aims to provide fast and reliable services in more than 8,000 testing centers all across the country. The process of requesting for same day drug testing is simple: set your desired test location and schedule, pay online, receive an electronic form, and visit the testing center on your chosen schedule.

In case you cannot go in for testing on the same day that your request is granted, don't worry because your registration is good for a period of 30 days. You can view the results in the privacy of your home, by logging into a secure online account on our website.