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Alabama Kratom Laws

The global population is still divided in the opinion on whether kratom is good therapeutic medication or simply a recipe for getting high. Despite this, some legislators in Alabama are proposing to ban the controversial substance from easy-to-reach store shelves and implement more stringent measures to restrict kratom use.

According to a news report, the proposed bill aims to put kratom in the category of Schedule I drugs, joining the ranks of heroin, ecstasy (or MDMA), GHB, and marijuana. As a result, instead of being available on store shelves, purchasing kratom would require a prescription and will be done over the counter.

Alabama Office of Prosecution Services chief resource prosecutor Barry Matson took part in the drafting of the said bill, which is now going through discussions in the legislature. His motivation behind the bill is the potential hazard that kratom use may bring to the user. "It actually connects to the opioid receptors in the brain like heroin, OxyContin, and hydrocodone," Matson said. He mentioned that kratom is an alternative drug for people who have difficulty getting their usual substance of choice. "People are literally replacing their heroin addiction with this stuff that's sold at the Chevron station or the Shell station. It's not sold in pharmacies, it's not sold in the big box stores, and for a good reason," he added.

The effects of kratom are similar to heroin, but some drug testing policies do not include this substance in their identification. "We saw people who were in court for heroin not showing up, just washing out, but testing clean. We sent their urine test off for a more discriminating test and it came back as this substance," said Matson.


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