K2 Spice Synthetic Marijuana BLOG

The effects of marijuana have recently manifested in cases encountered through eighteen cases reported in Skid Row, downtown Los Angeles. It was mentioned via a news item that the rescue incident of overdose victims caused by the use of marijuana has been recorded two times in four days. A similar incident, wherein eighteen victims were also involved, took place a few blocks away the week before. All cases were presumed to have been connected to the use of synthetic marijuana, or more commonly known as Spice or K2.

Medical practitioners seem to have traced trends and similarities in the symptoms found in the victims. Most of them showed signs of alterations in mental states and frequent seizures. This led to the idea that there must have been a wider market for synthetic marijuana in downtown Los Angeles, specifically in Skid Row Area, causing manufacturers and sellers to easily dispose of the drug.

The effects of the drug were said to be strengthened by the summer heat and other medical conditions, which may result in emergency situations.

The drug sells at one dollar per joint in the area, which is easily accessed in the streets. The presence of the said substance in the human body is said to be undetectable in drug tests, although more drug testing companies are developing new methods to facilitate detection of this kind of substance.