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We recently sat down with Clare Waismann, a registered addiction specialist with the Waismann Method Group to talk about the trends she is seeing in opiate addiction and how the Waismann Method helps people break their addiction to opiate painkillers and heroin.

Waismann said one of the biggest trends she is seeing in opiate addiction is that people who initially get addicted to prescription painkillers are switching to heroin because it is abundantly available. This includes people who would never have thought about taking an illegal drug.

The addictions specialist also said some people's tolerance for opiate drugs is at an alarming level, as they seem more willing to take a risk to get high. In fact, she is seeing tolerance levels unlike anything she's seen before in decades of treatment.

To read more about what Waismann has to say about synthetic drugs, prescription drug abuse in the workplace and among veterans, plus what makes the Waismann method effective in treating opiate addiction, click here to read the full interview.