Home Drug Testing BLOG

Living with a drug addict is never a pleasant scenario for anyone. This can be the cause of a lot of sticky situations, conflicts, and misunderstandings. Unless you are also an addict yourself, you will not stand for this and make ways to get out of this mess. You fight back, you try to kick your partner out, or you leave.

The solutions don’t always have to be that extreme, though. Sometimes, all it takes is to formulate preventive measures; anticipate the situation before it even begins. The first and most important thing that you need to do in this case is to keep your home clear of drugs. This will also ensure that your kids don't find drugs to abuse right within the confines of home.

The drugs can be hidden in the most predictable of places. They can be hidden under the bed, in the underwear drawer, under the kitchen sink, or just inside the bags. Also factor in prescription drugs into the list of dangerous and potentially addicting drugs. Look at your medicine cabinet and see if you find anything missing. When your cough syrup, sleeping pills, or painkillers are gone as quickly as you replenish them, you can be certain that something is definitely amiss.

As the addiction gets worse, the hiding places become much less evident, and this is where the horrors of searching begin. Look everywhere: the drugs can be hidden in the seam of their pants, stuffed inside their underwear, inside their shoes, under the tree in your backyard, in the doghouse – the entire household now ultimately becomes a place to hide the stash. Never underestimate the logic, or lack thereof, of those addicted to drugs.