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Teen drinking is one of the many problems that families, especially the parents, would have to remedy to prevent unfortunate events. When teens develop an addiction to alcohol, the consequences may be disastrous.

So what can parents do to prevent children from going into this dangerous habit? Here are some tips:


1. Parents should set the example by not drinking alcohol. What children may see in their parents can greatly affect their perspectives, and if what they’re seeing is wrong, they will continue to do it despite being reprimanded over and over.

2. If you should drink, then show your children that you’re doing it responsibly during the right occasions. Never expose your children to out-of-control drinking. Having trouble yourselves means that you should seek help too.

3. Treat alcohol as you would treat dangerous and prohibited drugs. For as long as you can, never allow your children to get hold of alcoholic drinks. Teenagers are very impulsive that anything interesting for them will surely be an item on their list of things to try. Inform them of the legal age to drink; it’s better if they get information from you than from other people.

4. Talk about how alcohol affects them. Give them a clear picture of what happens if they get into drinking at an early age. You could also tell them about the dangers of drug abuse as both substances are the leading causes why teens go on the wrong path of life. Give them both guidelines and consequences if they are ever tempted to drink.

Parents play important roles in their children’s lives. They are the first to influence them and what develops in their minds as they grow are mostly things that they get from parents. It is very important then that parents keep crystal clear policies against drinking and drug abuse. It is the responsibility of parents to use home drug testing kits for their children if they have any suspicion of their alcohol use.