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Adolescence is the time of experimentation and when peer pressure is at its strongest. As parents, it is understandable that we only want to keep our teens drug-free to the point of considering drug testing them at home. But the question is: should parents really have to do it?

Drug testing advocates firmly believe that teenagers are less likely to use and abuse banned substances if they know that their parents would subject them to a random drug test at home. But apart from prevention, drug testing allows for early intervention in teens who couldn't resist the temptation of illicit drugs. As addiction specialists often say, it's easier to treat substance abuse problems when early detection occurs.

However, drug testing isn't always an easy policy to lay out in the household. Privacy concern is a big thing for any of us, and it is all the more a big deal for teenagers. Just raising the possibility of a drug test can already elicit angry protests from teens, and sometimes forcing such policy may result in animosity between the parent and the child. It's also worth mentioning that teenagers these days have become smarter and more sophisticated in concealing drugs, not to mention beating drug screens.

Drug testing your kids is a matter of personal and individual decision. While it can be effective in preventing drug abuse, it can also pose a great challenge when dealing with an uncooperative teenager. It could be worth trying, though, but it's also important to educate your kids about the effects of substance abuse while they're still young.