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A post on Drug Free Homes shared a rather unusual story. While celebrities may do everything in their power to hide instances related to drug use, a couple from Lancaster decided to do the exact opposite.

Paul and Cheryl Vanacore of Lancaster described learning about their then 20-year-old son Joshua's drug addiction as living in a nightmare. A nightmare is not exactly something one would want to share, but when they read about an attempted suicide by a man and a woman in their 20s who were addicted to heroin on The Buffalo News, they decided to share their story.

A feature on The Buffalo News shares the Vanacores' experience with their eldest son Joshua, who is now serving a ten-year sentence for robberies that he committed in order to get money to pay for his heroin habit.

Joshua Vanacore is not the kind of kid that you would imagine would end up having a heroin problem. He moved with his parents and younger brother to Lancaster from California when he was in the third grade. He played soccer as a kid and graduated from Lancaster Central High School in 2003. His mother Cheryl remembers: He was a good boy. He came home every night for dinner, he came home every night for curfew. We never had any issue like that never, ever in his whole life. I just can't even believe what happened.

Joshua started experimenting with painkillers Lortab and OxyContin after finishing high school. He was introduced to heroin by a friend, who presented it as a cheaper alternative to popping pills something that he needs more of to get high.