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In this age of technology, with the onset of instant messaging and the new slang and abbreviated spelling style that was developed with it, it can be quite easy for parents to miss out on the current trend that their teens are into down to the lingo that they use to converse with their peers. For parents who have to deal with problematic teens, this may mean that they are unaware of the dangerous practices that their teens may be engaged in.

Here are a few of them, all related to abusing cough syrup, along with what they mean.

Robo. No, they are by no means talking about Robo-cop, the sci-fi movie; most of them were not even born yet when that movie was shown. Robo is normally used to refer to any cough syrup with dextromethorphan. It is derived from one of the more common brand names among cough syrups Robitussin but it is largely used to represent cough syrups in general. Other slang terms are derived from Robo to refer to different activities related to dextromethorphan abuse: Robo-fizzing means making a cocktail out of cough syrup and soda or alcohol, and Robo-tripping refers to that high that one experiences when taking dextromethorphan at high doses.

Skittling. If dextromethorphan is taken through Coricidin tablets instead of cough syrup, then it is called skittling after the candy Skittles. Capsules or tablets with dextromethorphan are also called red hots. Another term used to refer to Coricidin is CCCs or Triple Cs, which are derived from the fact that Coricidin tablets have ccc stamped on them, which stand for Coricidin Cough and Cold.

Orange Crush. Other brands of cough syrup, such as Delsym, contain orange-colored syrup and are encased in orange packaging, which is probably why these are sometimes termed as orange crush.