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Drug paraphernalia can be difficult to detect. Nowadays, technology has successfully developed several ways to disguise these tools as just like everyday things. You must educate yourself about drug paraphernalia and how drugs look like to be sure that you don’t confuse drugs with harmless things and end up hurting your child because of wrong accusations.

As a parent, we cannot help but be on alert when there are indications that our child might be using abusive substances such as drugs and alcohol. It is the role of the parent to ensure our children’s safety and sometimes asking them up front just isn’t enough. That’s when we have to "get our hands dirty".

You walk into your teen’s room and want do a search for substances. Where do you look first? You can start by checking his bags, his clothes, on his table, on and under his bed and on the floor. However, remember this: things aren’t always the way they seem. Be wary of everyday tools that seem out of place. Check his table, top of his cabinet, anywhere that things can be placed inconspicuously. You should expect that your teen will make it very hard for you to locate his secret stash. Go through the simplest things and check. There are known pipes for marijuana that is cleverly disguised as lipsticks and markers, so also be creative in your search.

Marijuana, crack and other drugs are usually hidden in places where our child would expect us never to be able to find. Look through shoes and their clothes cabinet. Marijuana is usually kept in small plastic bags which can be easily hidden away inside a shoe or in a suspicious hole in the house.