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Does Nicotine Show Up in Urine Tests?

Smoking can be a big problem among teenagers who are prone to experimentation. Research suggests even one cigarette can significantly harden the arteries. A smoking habit is the last thing a parent wants for their children. With a simple home nicotine test, you can determine if someone has begun smoking and intervene immediately.

[Source: NHS]

Drug Test for Nicotine

A nicotine drug screen is designed to detect the presence of cotinine. Cotinine is one of 20 different metabolic products that show that nicotine has been present in the body. Cotinine is detectable in the body at 3-5 days after nicotine is inhaled.

Nicotine testing is relatively easy and inexpensive. Urine tests for smoking are very common in the workplace, whereas insurance companies might prefer smoking saliva test kits for on-the-spot screening.

Can Drug Tests Detect Nicotine?

Yes, drug tests can determine recent tobacco or nicotine use. Saliva tests for nicotine and traditional urine nicotine tests are the most commonly used method of cotinine detection.

How Long is Cotinine Detectable in Urine?

Cotinine, a byproduct of tobacco metabolism, can be traced in urine specimens up to 3 days after tobacco is used. Cotinine tests for urine are available in dip card and urine cup format:

  • Urine Cotinine Test Strips

    1. Obtain at least 30mL of urine in a new urine collection cup
    2. Remove the nicotine detection strip from the package and insert into the urine sample for 20 seconds
    3. Place nicotine strip on the back of the card and wait 5-15 minutes before interpreting results

Nicotine Test Kits

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  • Urine Cotinine Dip Cards

    1. Place dip card on a flat surface
    2. Draw a urine sample with a dropper and drip 3-4 drops into the well
    3. Interpret results after 5 minutes

How Long is Nicotine Detectable in Saliva?

Saliva tests for nicotine can detect cotinine, the primary metabolite of nicotine, up to 4 days after tobacco use.

    1. Obtain a saliva sample with the collection swab provided until fully saturated
    2. Place cap at the end of swab. NOTE: The test will be invalid if there is insufficient saliva to test
    3. Wait 5 minutes to interpret results.

Nicotine Urine Test Results

It is easy to interpret test results when using nicotine urine drug test kits. For a visual guide, visit How to Read a Drug Test Cup.

The colored line in the Control (C) region indicates the test is working. If a colored band is revealed in the Test (T) region, the result is negative. If no line appears in the T region, the test is positive and cotinine is present in the sample.

Where Can You Buy Nicotine Test Kits?

Nicotine test kits are available in the form of urine nicotine tests and saliva cotinine mouth swab drug tests at TestCountry. We provide the most reliable results at the best market prices, with the training and assistance to help you use and interpret your tests.