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As parents, you would have to be sensitive and observant about the ways of your teen as he goes through the critical periods of his life.

There are times that parents think their kids are into life-threatening substance abuse habits. But for some, they often refuse to look into their teen’s true situation for the sake of not losing “trust” and “privacy” in the family. Parents would often feel they are going beyond the boundaries that define their child’s independence. Due to these apprehensions, teens often go into such activities and sometimes, parent intervention becomes too late.

Youth substance abuse
is difficult to deal with. This is why a parent’s role should not be taken for granted in helping kids avoid making their own mistakes. Here are some ways that could help parents detect teen substance abuse.

1. Being a parent, you must educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of teen substance abuse. This way, you could easily tell if something is wrong.

2. Get to know your kid’s friends. You will gain much information about what your child is doing through his friends. Peer pressure is another factor to look out for.

3. Check their laundry. It’s a good way of going through your child’s stuff without having the guilt feeling that you do not trust them enough. Be on the lookout for anything left in their pockets and for some abnormal marks on their clothing.

4. Be a friend who’s ready to listen. Make your child feel at ease with you when he talks about his problems and the things that disturb him.

5. Do you know that a simple hug can open the window in determining your child’s troubles? Yes, when you do give them a hug, you can smell and feel if your child just smoked or took certain drugs.

If you suspect your child of drug or alcohol abuse, easy to use home drug test kits can provide you with the answers you need as a parent.