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Parents and families who would like to reach out to qualified social workers to consult and seek advice regarding their child’s drug and alcohol issues may now be able to conveniently do so, through 1-855-DRUGFREE.

1-855-DRUGFREE was launched by the Partnership at Drugfree.org, to cater specifically to concerned parents and families of children struggling with substance abuse. The toll-free helpline is bilingual and will be able to accommodate both English and Spanish-speaking families.

Manning this helpline is a team of social workers with practical experience in substance abuse intervention and treatment. These social workers offer advice to help parents come up with measures to help their teens who are struggling with substance abuse and provide a list of resources and treatment facilities in their area when needed.

Johanna Bos, the Lead Parent Support Specialist for 1-855-DRUGFREE, shared: “By listening to the stories that callers have to tell – the challenges, setbacks and emotional turmoil that go with a child's substance abuse or addiction, we help parents outline a course of effective action – whether it's prevention, intervention, seeking treatment or supporting recovery – grounded in the science-based resources we have built at drugfree.org.”

In addition to helping families regarding the appropriate approach towards helping a child with substance abuse issues, the helpline also aims to help parents take corrective action before there is a need for the child to undergo treatment, or before the child even begins to turn to drugs or alcohol.

The helpline, however, is not a 24-hour crisis hotline; it is staffed on weekdays, Monday-Friday, from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. EDT.