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top 10 cities in U.S. with heroin drug abuse related emergencies

Though heroin is not as in demand as other types of drugs such as marijuana, meth, and cocaine, there are still thousands of young adults and teens who are into heroin addiction. Heroin statistics in 2003 revealed that there were more than 300,000 people from aged 12 and above who are into heroin addiction. Moreover, in 2003, the majority of those who seek heroin addiction treatment are suffering from heroin overdose because of injection. The rest had inhaled the drug.

Heroin statistics do differ from state to state, city to city. However, there are a number of them that are registering high levels of heroin addiction:

El Paso and Dallas. Texas is one of the transshipment points of drugs such as heroin. Before they can get to their specific destinations, they still have to go through these two major cities. Thus, it’s no wonder that a huge number of them are into heroin. The most common kind of heroin taken is the Mexican black tar, which is easily available and kind of cheap.

Jersey City, Camden, and Elizabeth. Heroin is also the no.1 problem in New Jersey. Majority of its cities are trying their best to curb it. In 2006, there was a rise of heroin overdoses that had been observed by medical personnel in both private and public healthcare facilities in these cities. One of the leading causes is fentanyl, a powerful anesthesia that is illegally manufactured in clandestine laboratories all over the state. This substance is also combined with pure heroin. Because the effect of fentanyl is short-lived, heroin addiction sufferers tend to take more of it, causing heroin overdose.

Nashville. Though there is a steady or no increase in the demand of heroin in recent years, heroin use in suburbs is very high, and a lot of them have been taking heroin for such a long time. Heroin in Nashville can come in the form of Southwest Asian, Mexican brown, and Mexican black tar.

Baltimore. The most usual kind of heroin in Washington is called Mexican black tar. These drugs usually come from Mexican drug traffickers who are using the city as a transshipment point or who are dealing with small-time drug dealers. These are the ones who are offering heroin at retail prices. The use of heroin through injection also leads to the increase of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS.

Chicago. Heroin addiction is very rampant in the city. Based on the heroin statistics, the drugs are coming from basically all directions, and the city has a very steady supply of it. Trade or distribution of heroin in open-air markets is performed by those who belong to street gangs.

Orlando. Thanks to the Miami Airport, it becomes easier for heroin coming from South America to arrive into the United States. Usually, the drugs are combined with legal cargo from other countries.

Los Angeles. Most of those who seek heroin addiction treatment in the city are young adults and teens. Most of them no longer use a needle and a syringe but directly ingests heroin into their bodies. They also take in huge amounts of it.