Heroin BLOG

An alarming truth about heroin abuse has been noted at the Genesee County Community Mental Health facility. Out of the people who sought treatment for the mentioned kind of drug abuse, young people aged 18 to 25 were making up about 28.15% of the total population undergoing or has undergone treatment. This figure is six times than what has recorded eight years ago.

Kristie Schmiege, the director for CMH substance abuse services, says that the situation is very serious; heroin has overtaken cocaine as the third most abused drug for the first time last year, behind marijuana and alcohol.

The supply of heroin has been steadily rising and kids today are very vulnerable to drug experimentation. Whatever is available, they try it and could end up being hard-core addicts. It’s also a way of life among drug users that there are drugs that become a “trend” in their community. Heroin, for instance, was once a popular drug but as casualties rose a few years back, most users stopped using it and directed themselves to other types of drugs. Now, everything bad about heroin, like the fatal effects that it had before, are almost totally erased making it the drug “trend” today.

In a feature on the Flint Journal, self-confessed addicts undergoing rehabilitation admit that they start their drug addiction through prescribed medicines that they can easily get from their grandparents’ medicine cabinet. When these prescription drugs become too pricey, they then resort to cheaper drugs like heroin.

The government is doing its share of protecting kids from these harmful drugs. Groups are formed with the mission to enlighten both parents and their children about the dangers of prescription drug addiction. Authorities are visiting schools and communities and make use of vivid images of drug addiction which they hope can somehow discourage the youth from using opiates.