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All About Brown Sugar Drug Use

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We all know that the problem of brown sugar addiction has been a challenge to society for more than three decades. It has reached alarming proportions, eroding the potentials of the younger generation – the future citizens of a country.

Brown Sugar is one of the most commonly used drugs. It is an adulterated form of Heroin – a derivative of opium. It is highly addictive in nature and is available in a powdered form in small vials. Brown sugar is around 20% heroin mixed with other impurities like chalk powder, rat poison (yes! It is true), zinc oxide or even strychnine.

Though the presence of such impurities makes the drug cheaper than heroin, it makes the users even more vulnerable to casualties, which might even lead to death. The route of intake of the drug varies. I found many who prefer to smoke it as cigarettes and there is yet another group that inhales the fumes of the powder heated on a foil while some inject subcutaneously or intravenously. In the long run, they develop ugly looking and painful polyps on their nasal cavities.

The first episode of drug taking, as reported by most of the users, is not a very pleasant experience. The risks of heroin abuse are endless, including feelings of restlessness, vomiting, and a loss of physical senses. Gradually, they start to get the kick or high and the demand to use the drug increases and become drug dependent. The drug completely overpowers them. And, the thoughts and actions are controlled by it.

There are many ill effects of brown sugar. On the physical side, it leads to weight loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, respiratory tract infection, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal problems, viral hepatitis, skin infections and even dental problems. On the psychological side, it leads to irritability, lack of concentration, depression, and frustration. There are also behavioral and social effects of brown sugar that lead to socially deviant behavior, involvement in criminal activities, compulsive lying, and manipulation.

The ultimate destination of a brown sugar addict in prison or a rehabilitation center or in the worst case, death.

Never experiment with Brown Sugar. Be assertive and say NO the very first day. If you know someone, get him or her to the rehabs as fast as possible!

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