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Can You Cheat a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

People who view hair drug testing as a threat for different reasons look for various ways to pass hair drug tests. The popularity of these methods led to an increasing growth of a market niche that helps people pass drug testing. You will find numerous places online that claim to have products that can beat different kinds of drug tests from traditional urine and blood tests, to saliva and hair follicle drug testing. These products cater and appeal to an otherwise desperate drug abused public.

There are many reasons drug-dependent individuals will find ways to pass hair drug tests. First, it is mandatory for some companies to seek drug tests for pre-employment. Workplace drug testing has been an ever-increasing trend in strengthening the workforce of a company while limiting costs due to inefficient and drug-impaired employees. Drug testing is also an initial requirement for college admission via sports scholarship or during a physical competition. Thus an ever-growing market niche will continue to be popular as long as the demand is still viable.

However, are these claims true? In the realm of hair drug testing, online sources claim that there are shampoos and detox liquid solutions to help erase drug residue in the hair. At the same time, there are certain home remedies advertised to pass hair drug testing. Many are led to believe that passing drug tests is easy. While it is true that there is the minute possibility of passing hair drug tests, many agree that it borders the line of impossibility.

For hair drug tests, there are certain detox shampoos on the market claiming to remove drug traces in hair. Using different ingredients, these shampoos claim to remove common toxins such as marijuana, nicotine, and alcohol right into the scalp of the hair. These shampoos include step-by-step instructions to protect the solution during application. These shampoos suggest not taking in drugs right after application and time the application within eight hours of taking a hair drug test.

However, there is no academic basis for these claims. Research has shown that hair as a store for information can be analyzed up to its smallest parts that it can even detect the use of detoxifying shampoos. In that case, hair drug testers can weed out the cheaters and will have a basis to apply blood or urine drug testing.

Another growing myth is that blonde hair has a better chance of passing a hair drug test. This is validated with studies suggesting that melatonin can help increase drug level reading. Since melatonin is more numerous in black hair, it is claimed that people can pass hair drug testing by changing their hair to a lighter color.

However, this is only a superficial solution similar to detox shampoos. All the more, changing the color of your hair does not change the melatonin levels of an originally black hair. People who believe that the ingredients in artificial hair coloring can dissolve drug sufficient enough to pass hair drug testing are therefore invalidated.

Truly, the best way to pass a hair drug test is to not take drugs at all. Resorting to different claims that hold no water will put you in greater trouble than you already are. The best solution is to come clean rather than join the hoopla of assuming that you can pass a hair drug test.