Drug Testing BLOG

Just like other businesses, the Drug & Alcohol Testing industry offers both franchise opportunities and business opportunities. While there is no right answer as to which one is a better strategy over the other, it helps to know the pros and cons of entering either of them. Here, we’ll slightly tackle the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise concept to help you realize whether or not it might be the best approach to meet your entrepreneurial goals.

The Pros

One of the good sides of the franchise model is that a common brand and a standard operating system are already in place. The products and services have already been established. And the likelihood of getting continued support is guaranteed.

When you open a franchise business in a certain area you become the exclusive service provider or seller of goods in that area. And because the business is already recognized you automatically have your own share of customers.

In terms of ongoing support, you have the advantage of getting structured staff training, technology and equipment assistance, promotional benefits, and other things you’ll need for your ongoing operation.

The Cons

Meanwhile, it’s also important to understand that the concept of franchising is not a land of milk and honey. The fact that the business trademark is already established it could mean an expensive bandwagon to jump into. Your franchise is limited to certain locations and you have to expect royalty fees for ongoing operation.

Furthermore, you cannot alter or bend the standard operating procedures or the system of quality control. It’s there and you have to stick with it.

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Business is a flourishing industry with a lot of potential opportunities. The more you know about it the more confident you become in choosing which business strategy to use. ANY LAB TEST NOW®, ArcPoint Labs, and USA Mobile Drug Testing, LLC are only three of the drug and alcohol testing businesses that offer franchise opportunities. For more valuable information on how you can succeed in the business, read Joe Reilly’s 2012 white paper, Getting into the Business – Drug & Alcohol Testing. It compiles worthwhile details about the industry’s key players, franchise model vs. business opportunities, and other things you need to know before you get into the drug testing business.

Joe Reilly is an expert on workplace drug testing issues.  He served for nine years on the DATIA Board of Directors and was Chairman of the Board from 2004–2008. He was the Founder and the former President and CEO of Florida Drug Screening, Inc – a nationwide provider of drug & alcohol testing and drug-free workplace programs – until he sold the business to CBC Companies in 2007. After retiring from the firm in 2009, Joe Reilly continues to actively assist buyers and sellers in the drug testing industry as a private consultant. He regularly provides training and consulting services for people entering the drug and alcohol testing industry.