Drug Testing BLOG

To choose the most appropriate method of testing for your business, you should consider several factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all drug testing program. Each business must assess their own needs to tailor their program accordingly. To do this, you should consider:
    • the volume of tests that will be conducted;
    • the drugs that will be tested for;
    • the number of trained individuals available to conduct the analysis;
    • the cost of training staff to conduct testing;
    • the allotted budget for testing;
    • the turnaround time needed for obtaining test results;
    • the need for confirmation of test results and the frequency of and conditions for confirmation;
    • the quantification of levels of drugs required.
Large businesses with a lot of resources at their disposal may want to consider sending all of their test subjects to accredited laboratories for drug testing. This will put the testing in the hands of professionally trained technicians and will avoid the necessity of training any of your own staff to perform drug tests. It is, obviously, a more expensive alternative.

For businesses with limited resources and budget, or that only need to conduct a relatively small number of tests per year, it would be a good idea to conduct point-of-contact testing (testing that can be done in the office or on-site) and only send test subjects that get a positive reading on these tests into a laboratory for further confirmation. This is generally a more cost-effective alternative.

You will also need to consider if you want to perform pre-employment testing, random testing, regularly scheduled drug testing or reasonable suspicion drug testing.

Regardless of what type of drug testing program you decide on, it is important to also make sure that it is completely legal to avoid any lawsuits. You must also make all employees aware of the program and explain it to them as clearly as possible so they all understand it.