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There are times that parents equate their love for their children with the money that they give to their kids and the things they can provide. Yes, money can help children become comfortable and happy, yet it can also be the tool for kids to have access to dangerous activities. Sometimes, when parents expect their children to become responsible and grateful for the privileges they have given, the exact opposite can occur.

Sadly, some kids who are used to receiving money from their parents can instead become demanding and resentful when they aren’t provided with the resources that they are so used to receiving. Other children even become lazy and bored as they don’t see the need to work hard for the money because their parents give them more than enough for what they need. Thus, this leads to the spark that could initiate harmful habits, such as substance abuse.

A 2003 survey conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University showed that kids who receive more than $25 a week in allowance are twice as likely to go into marijuana abuse.

This is why parents are advised to monitor the amounts that they give to their children. When a child has the money, he becomes a prey to vicious criminals. They may be lulled into drugs easily, and as children are naturally curious, chances are very high that they will heed the call of these dangerous substances. Once addiction takes roots, kids may learn negative behaviors, such as taking their parent’s credit cards, borrowing money from relatives, or even stealing from neighbors just to satisfy their cravings. Parents need to be proactive by using home drug test kits to screen for their child's possible drug problem.