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Those who were teenagers in the 90s will undoubtedly be very familiar with Winona Ryder, and there may be a number who had her poster tacked up on their walls or emulated her. These days, however, Hollywood no longer sees much of Ms. Ryder; but that doesn’t mean that she is all but forgotten.

She is making a comeback of sorts, with a small but rather important role in the critically-acclaimed Black Swan. It is hard to imagine that Winona Ryder is now playing the role of the ingénue who is being replaced by the new young thing – in the case of Black Swan, Natalie Portman – but then we realize that despite her looks, Ryder is now all of 39.

Like any other star who became of age under the klieg lights – like Drew Barrymore – Winona Ryder had to fight personal battles under the public eye. One of these controversies involved $6,000 worth of Gucci and Marc Jacobs items – and an encounter with prescription drugs.

Winona is featured on the January 2011 issue of GQ, and she talked about, among other things, how “horrifying” it was to deal with addiction via Celebrity Rehab, and prescription pills.

Of prescription painkillers, Winona shared: “Yeah, those things. I think they’re more powerful than people think,” saying that while the impression is that heroin is the hardest drug to beat, pills can also be difficult to deal with.

Winona shared how breaking her arm (in 2001, on the set of Mr. Deeds) required her to take pills for about a month. “But then I just kept taking it for, like... maybe three more weeks. But the thing I do remember is that once my arm was okay and they were still there, you kind of like…”

The January 2011 issue of GQ is expected to be out on newsstands December 21.