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The pressures faced by today’s teenager are mounting, and teens have adopted different ways on how to cope with it. Some put all their time and efforts directed at studies. Others join organizations that focus on their skills, like the school choir, the football varsity or the Math club. Still, some find themselves succumbing to the pressure and resort to alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

Why Teens Use Drugs

Teenagers turn to drugs for many reasons. Usually, teenage drug abuse is caused by a perfect storm of inadequate coping skills, low self-esteem, and peer pressure:

    • Dramatic home life and family issues

    • Poor grades

    • Pressure to fit in

    • Curiosity

    • Genetic tendency to addiction

What Percentage of Teens Use Drugs?

As teenagers progress through high school, the rate of drug abuse increases. Studies indicate up to 40% of 12th-grade students have used some kind of illicit substance at least once. When nearly half of all students abuse drugs or alcohol, the demand for instant drug testing is significant.

How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Teenagers?

It is important to remember that teenage drinking, smoking or drug abuse have certain long-term consequences. A single puff of a cigarette, mainly just for experimentation, will already do irreparable damage to your lungs. It would not matter if that would be your last or only the first of the many years of puffing, that single incident has already caused harm to your system.

Other teens have also found themselves trapped in difficult situations after an impaired judgment has led them to drive under the influence (which may result to traffic accidents) or to teenage sex (which may result to early pregnancy).

Since teenagers are still developing mentally, physically, and emotionally, it is advisable to avoid all types of drugs so as not to stunt growth.

Treatment for Teenage Drug Abuse

Teens must be aware that while it seems difficult to believe at first, there are only a few troubled teenagers who actually choose to drink, smoke or take drugs. Most take the better option – channeling their energies to more responsible and meaningful activities. So, if we take the actual number of kids who make the right choice against the number of those who may have been misled, you are more socially adept if you stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. To really fit in, you need to be clean, healthy and away from harmful vices. Taking up a productive hobby like playing sports, reading, singing, acting, or visual arts is a great way to distract teens from drugs.