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Dealing with the stress of its first scandal (a man walked into a terminal unchecked at Newark's airport) the Transportation Security Administration is now dealing with allegations that some of its employees were caught on tape using drugs.


Word of the footage came after the tape was found among the belongings of an employee who was accused of counterfeiting parking passes and was arrested. That video contains footage of TSA agents using illegal drugs at an after-hours party.


All of the employees who could be identified from the video were ordered to take drug tests and those who failed (TSA is keeping the number quiet) were fired. Learn more about TSA drug testing.


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Larry Fetters, the Federal Security Director at LAX says, "We don't tolerate drugs. We don't tolerate narcotics."

The company has stated that the employees would likely have been found out even without the aid provided by the tape through their random drug testing policy.

No charges were made on the employees including the man accused of selling counterfeit parking tickets (this because no one who bought the tickets would tell police about it).

TSA is already getting flack for the security incident involving a passenger who wasn't screened, this incident can hardly help.