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At the center of several news reports is the son of Hollywood star Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas. The 31-year old will be sentenced next week on charges of dealing methamphetamine.

His mother Diandra and stepmother Catherine Zeta-Jones have both expressed support for Cameron during these rather challenging times.

A feature on the Huffington Post shares some information regarding the life of Cameron Douglas, considered as part of Hollywood royalty, with Hollywood blue-blood running through his veins. Both his father Michael and grandfather Kirk are considered legends in the biz, and his stepmother Catherine is revered by many. But most people probably notice by now that such a privileged pedigree does not necessarily translate to personal satisfaction and success.

The young Douglas reportedly grew up with nannies as his father focused on his acting career and his mother worked on wildlife preservation. At 13 Cameron went to boarding school and started smoking marijuana. When his parents' marriage started having problems, Cameron eventually started using cocaine.

Douglas later dropped out of school and worked as a DJ in clubs in New York. By 2004, he was hooked on heroin and mixing in the wrong circles. His friend Jen Gatien shared: His new 'family,' as he called them, was a group of fellow addicts who took over his life. No one had jobs or responsibilities. ... Cameron was the sole provider.

It was this need to provide and the fact that he has been cut off from the family fortune after refusing to get the help that led the younger Douglas to deal meth.