Drug Testing News BLOG

San Diego, California (October 4, 2012) TestCountry’s new and improved website offers customers a bevy of new features. Launched July, the new TestCountry.com boasts a new Rewards program, improved user experience, better corporate management and more products for corporate and professional customers.

“This is our first major website upgrade at TestCountry in two years,”Serhat Pala president of TestCountry says. “The new features came about from a combination of us here at TestCountry asking ourselves how we could make a better user experience for our customers and also listening to the feedback from our customers about our website.”

TestCountry has kept the look and feel of the new website similar to the old one so customers have a sense of familiarity with it but the new features make the user experience much more rewarding. And rewarding repeat customers was at the top of the list for the website. 

Life will also be easier for TestCountry customers thanks to the new website’s improved search function, which gives customers quicker access to more products and makes it easier to find things they are looking for. TestCountry wanted to specifically make account management easier for its corporate and business customers that buy wholesale or use its drug and alcohol testing and background screening services.

“We have set up our corporate account system so that customers applying for invoicing terms can get approved within one business day or even in minutes if they do it over the phone,” Serhat Pala says.

There are also more products for TestCountry’s corporate and professional customers that order its clinical supplies. All existing customers and potential customers are invited to check out TestCountry’s new and improved website.